Summer Tour 2016: Winchester VA to Shawnee PA

In the morning I had to deal with a crappy phone call from back home which stressed me out, so that wasn't a great start to the day.  But then we got on the road about 10:30, heading for Shawnee on Delaware, PA which is near the Delaware Water Gap.  We crossed three state lines, traveling from Virginia to West Virginia to Maryland to Pennsylvania.  

We arrived at the Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort mid-afternoon.  Not too shabby looking, huh?  (I lifted this pic from their website.)

poconos kayaking

We are not golfers, at all, but we were happy to stay at a nice resort.  We were not being paid much in cash for our music performance, but we got a room at the resort as part of our compensation package.  Seemed fair to us.  We checked in right away, then went to see the brewery where we would be playing that night.

I persuaded Dacey that it would be a good idea to set up our gear BEFORE going to the pool.  So that's what we did.  The brewery has a cozy little stage and a pretty easy load-in, so we had plenty of time afterwards to swim and sun a bit, shower, and get dressed for the show.  A little before 7, we casually ambled over to our gig in the tasting room which is literally about a 3-minute walk from our room at the inn.  That's a first!

And the gig itself?  Fabulous!  There was a good-sized crowd, which welcomed us with applause from the very first few words we spoke on stage, and really seemed to dig our music the whole way through.  A few people bought our new EP.  We enjoyed talking with a number of people during our breaks, too.  Folks were very friendly and complimentary.  It feels good to be truly appreciated. THIS is why we do this!

After the show, we retreated to our room for a simple meal of sandwiches and beer.  It was so great not to have to drive anywhere! Life is good.