Summer Tour 2017: Marshfield, VT to Bar Harbor, ME

The breakfast room at our motel was small, so we shared a table with another couple, Ray and Sandy, and had a nice chat. After that we packed up in the rain and bid adieu to the Marshfield Inn & Motel. Too bad it was just a one-night-stand; we really liked it there. This was the view from the driveway:

We had about 300 miles to admire the view from the road on the way to Mount Desert Island in Maine.

We stopped for lunch at the Vickery Cafe in Augusta, ME. Around 5 pm, we arrived at the Mount Desert Campground, where we would be staying for the next three nights. The sites there are spacious, wooded, and pretty private... a huge upgrade from camping at the Blackwoods Campground the previous year, where we were packed in like sardines and could easily follow conversations of our neighbors. I happily set up camp while Dacey relaxed; this was perfectly fine with me since he did most of the driving and I snoozed quite a bit in the car. 

We went into Bar Harbor and had a lobster dinner at Route 66, then set up and played a show at the Thirsty Whale.

We played till 1 am, so we were pretty beat by the time we bedded down in our tent.

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