Summer Tour 2018: Salt Hill Pub

A drizzly morning. We had breakfast at the Inn, then walked down to the harbor, wandered into the lone gift shop, wandered back out. We packed up our stuff and hit the road, passing through an interesting area with a picturesque waterfall. We drove on to Essex, where we explored the tiny community garden and an art gallery. We thought about having lunch in Port Henry, NY, but nothing appealed, so we crossed over Lake Champlain and found a diner. At this point it was POURING rain. We felt bad for the cyclists we saw out there.

We got a cheap (but fine) motel south of Hanover, NH, and chilled out there for awhile before heading over to Salt Hill Pub. This was an unusual gig for us, playing for the later crowd, 9 till midnight. We weren't sure how our folk act would be received, but we got plenty of positive response and the manager said they wanted us back. All good!

New York/New Hampshire collage