The Transient Trio at Saude Creek

Dacey was playing a gig with Elana Lisa & the Hot Mess today, so I was originally scheduled to play solo at Saude Creek Vineyards.  But then I ended up enlisting Chris and Jolie (again) to appear with me as "The Transient Trio".

I played the first set solo.  One group really started getting into the music when I played the Dixie Chicks' "Traveling Soldier".  One guy from that group came up close to the "stage" and I could hear him singing a harmony.  And it was actually really good!

Toward the end of my solo set, a woman from the same group came up and asked if I could dedicate a song to her friends Paul and Sue, who were going to be moving away soon.  So we looked through my master list of songs, trying to find one that was most appropriate for the occasion.  I came up with Cyndi Lauper's "Time after Time", and announced the dedication.  Well, Paul turned out to be the Dixie-Chicks-singing guy, and he came up and added harmony to the Cyndi Lauper tune!  Then he asked if we could do "Wild Horses".  I said we could do it if he knows how to play it, and I could add harmony (Dacey usually does this one).  I managed to find the lyrics sheet for him, and handed over the guitar, and we sang the song to much appreciation from his great group of friends.

After a break, I got back up there with Chris and Jolie and we did the Transient Trio thing.  Fun!  Photo below courtesy of our pal KP.