Weeping Radish (Grandy, NC)

We awoke to a gorgeous morning at the cottage in Mathews.  The sun was sparkling on the water.  All we really wanted to do was have a leisurely breakfast and coffee out on the dock.  But we didn't want to end up getting caught in traffic on the way to the Outer Banks, so we packed up and left, picking up egg sandwiches and coffee on the road.

By late morning we had arrived in Grandy, NC.  We stopped in at the Weeping Radish to have a chat with the manager, Ken, since we had never played there before.  He was happy to see us and showed us where we'd be setting up to play that evening.  

Just down the road from the Radish is Sanctuary Vineyards, where we have played several times in the past.  We stopped in to say hi to our friend Elton, who had so graciously offered to put us up any time we're in the area.  Elton was busy serving wine tastings to several customers.  It was only a little after 11 am; people start drinking wine early there, I guess!  So we just said a quick hello and then headed on down to his house in Colington.  

Elton's wife Laura was at the house to meet us.  They have a place right on a harbor leading out to the Albemarle Sound.  Laura was very welcoming, and she set us up in a room with private bathroom on the third floor.  It was perfect for us.  

We had lunch at a little place nearby, called Dockside.   Duo at DocksideWe had no idea what to expect but the food turned out to be really good.  Then we hit the beach as quickly as we could, but unfortunately the red flags were flying so we couldn't swim.  We did wade out in the water some, though, and enjoyed relaxing on the beach until it was time to pretty up for our gig.

When we got to the Weeping Radish, there was nobody dining.  NOBODY.  We were afraid it was going to be one of those gigs where you play to the bored waitstaff.  But while we were setting up the people started trickling in, and we had a pretty full house all night.  They treated us very well there and we hope to play there again next year, if not sooner.

We got a late dinner at the Black Pelican.  We usually go there at least once every time we visit the OBX.  Great food!  Our waitress was cute, and loopy from having worked too many hours.  We had some laughs with her.

When we got back to the house, Elton was still up so we got to socialize with him a bit before bed.  We first met Elton through our gigs at Sanctuary Vineyards last summer.  We had no idea that one day we'd be staying at his house.  We feel blessed to have his friendship and hospitality.