The Haze & Dacey Collective 

Letters from Gilead

We are so excited to announce our upcoming album, Letters from Gilead, a collection of original songs written by Haze, inspired by "The Handmaid's Tale". We're busy at the Sound of Music studio, with several guest musicians adding their talents to produce a full-band sound. We expect to release the album sometime this summer. 

The album design will feature artwork by the amazing Mary Chiaramonte. You can find her at  

Here's a little taste of what's to come... 

My Name is June

Now I keep my head down, I don't look them in the eye 
Every dress I own is red and the driver is a spy 
Once I had a mother, a fighter through and through 
They call me by another name, but the name she gave to me is June. 
It's June. And all I have left is my name.


So I focus on the blue. I focus on the blue 
I float far away to survive another day 
I focus on the blue

Blue violets in spring 
The box that held my wedding ring 
Indigo of a bunting's wing 
and blue like the sea

Closet Scrawl

I was lying on the closet floor with my face toward the wall 
Contemplating how to end it, when I noticed the scrawl 
Someone had been here before 
Someone had gotten a knife and etched letters in the wall 
I traced them with my fingers but I didn't understand at all 
It said "Nolite te bastardes carborundorum." 


Sometimes when the guy's not so hard on the eyes 
You can pretend that you had a choice (here at Jezebel's) 
And when he gives you a ring or asks you to sing 
You can pretend that you have a voice (here at Jezebel's) 
But don't think too much 'cause it'll fuck you up 
You're never getting out alive (you're stuck at Jezebel's) 
So pop all the pills and drink all you can take 
'Cause it's the only escape, it's the only escape