About the album 

 Letters from Gilead


stunning... a grand undertaking”

C'ville Weekly

haunting restlessness... a riveting listen”

Americana UK

Like Patty Griffin... Hazler’s vocals invite the listener in”

Style Weekly

Album Tracks

The SoundCloud embed includes all songs on the album, available for streaming and direct download (WAV format).

Lyrics for all tracks can be found here.

Radio DJ Notes:

  • The album was released on November 12, 2021.
  • The single Letters from Gilead was released on September 17.
  • The single Jezebel's was released on October 15. It contains one instance of language that may be objectionable to some audiences (at 2:52).
  • The track Closet Scrawl contains multiple instances of language that may be objectionable to some audiences.


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