4-day tour: Strangeways

I couldn't find a decent breakfast place that was open, so we ended up with egg sandwiches from Sheetz, which we ate hurriedly since we had to get back to Richmond for a gig at Strangeways.  As I went to drop off the motel key, I heard and saw a killdeer making a ruckous, and discovered their baby chick scurrying around!  I couldn't get a decent picture with my cell phone, so here's one lifted from the internet:  

Devastatingly cute, huh?

We got to Strangeways with just enough time to set up.  We played the first set outside, but it got pretty hot so we moved back into the air conditioning for the later sets.  We had a decent crowd for a Sunday afternoon.  Our good friend Megan showed up, and she played a sweet duet with me:  Patty Griffin's "Long Ride Home".

And thus ended our 4-day mini-tour.