Back to reality (OBX to RVA)

Elton and Laura took us out on their boat for a short harbor tour, then it was time to pack up the car for our trip home.  But before we left, we took our hosts out to a late breakfast at Sam & Omie's. It was the least we could do in return for their hospitality.  

After saying our goodbyes, Dacey and I popped in to Jennette's Pier across the street, then went down for one last stroll on the beach.  The water was so much calmer than the previous two days.  It was refreshing but not cold on our bare toes.  It was irresistibly inviting.  Although we had neither swimsuits nor towels with us, we were compelled to jump in the water.  We had no choice.  It was too perfect.

After changing into some dry clothes, we headed back home to Richmond.  It's always tough making that transition from vacation to work mode.  But here we are, back to reality.