Bangkok Noi (Gloucester, VA)

First stop on our Labor Day weekend mini-tour:  Bangkok Noi.  We were planning to head out of Richmond by 4 pm, at the latest, to be ready to play at the restaurant in Gloucester at 6 pm.  But I-64 had other plans for us.  Dacey was held up in traffic on the way from work to my house, so we got a late start, and consequently were late to our gig.  I really hate that.  Stressful!  We always strive to be professional and on-time to gigs.  But this was beyond our control.

As it turned out, there had been a miscommunication in booking, and nobody there was expecting us!  They were expecting us the following Saturday...  So we were actually 8 days early rather than an hour late.  Lesson learned:  Make sure to verify bookings made through the son with the one really in charge:  Mom.  

Even though they weren't prepared for us at the restaurant, they had us go ahead and set up on the patio, and we started playing by 7 pm.  It turned out to be a fun gig.  The patio went from empty to full during our first set, and we had a consistently good crowd till we stopped playing around 9:30.  A couple of people took cards and asked about our availability for private parties.  Yes, we are available!!

As always, the restaurant provided delicious food.  In our opinion, they have the best Thai food in the state.  We got some appetizers to eat at the end of the show, and some shrimp pad thai to go.  

After the show we drove down the road to a cottage in Mathews that has become our standard place to stay when we gig in the area.  It's a darling little cottage on the grounds of a large mansion, right on the water.  The owners are so friendly and accommodating.  They don't mind us showing up late at night after gigs, and they always offer us late checkout unless they have other guests coming in on our departure day.  MUCH better than a chain hotel!