Beautiful spring day at BMB!

Gorgeous April day, and the beer-drinking, music-listening crowds out in force at Blue Mountain Brewery.

We had a great time playing for this huge crowd, and enjoyed talking with several of the guests during our break and after we finished.  One guy asked if I was familiar with the band Hem and their album "Rabbit Songs".  That is one of my favorite albums of all time, and he said my singing reminded me of it!  Totally made my day.  After we finished our "official" set, I sat down with him and played the song "All that I'm good for" for him unplugged.  I hadn't played it in a few years, so it took a few minutes to get it back, but he pulled up the lyrics on his smartphone and then I was able to sing it all the way through.  I also gave him my old band's (10-years old!) album, which starts with that song.