Biking the backroads to the bay

Olivia's has become our go-to breakfast restaurant when we stay overnight in the Gloucester area.  Good food, friendly service, and very reasonable prices.  We actually laughed at how low our bill was.

After breakfast, we rode our bikes around the back roads near our cottage.  We really wanted to find a place where we could swim, but were not overly hopeful since it seemed that most water access was via private roads with "no trespassing" signs.  But then... we found a gravel road that turned into an overgrown grassy road that led us right to a tiny little sandy beach at the edge of an inlet off Mobjack Bay.  It was on the property of a house that had clearly been abandoned.  There was no one around and we had the place completely, blissfully to ourselves.  

house island
dacey haze

I could tell you where this was, exactly, but then I'd have to kill you.  This is our secret place.