Breaks Interstate Park

My Christmas present to Dacey was a trip to Breaks Interstate Park.  It's about as far as you can go from Richmond and still be in Virginia; in fact the park belongs to both Virginia and Kentucky (hence the "Interstate" bit).  We headed out on Friday and drove over 6 hours to get there.  The sunset as we headed west was phenomenal; it looked like the mountains were on fire.  None of my photos did it justice.

Sunset on the road

I had prayed for snow because I needed a real winter fix.  But I forgot to pray for the snow to start AFTER our arrival.  The last leg of the journey was on steep, winding roads with little or no shoulder and no guard rails, and we white-knuckled it through a bit of a blizzard.  It was all worth it when we arrived at our spacious cabin, complete with a gas fireplace in the living room and a hot tub out on the deck.  This is what the cabins look like from the outside, as seen from across the frozen lake:


Although this was a purely recreational trip, we did work on a few new songs to add to the Haze & Dacey repertoire, including Patty Griffin's "Truth #2", Mary Chapin Carpenter's "Shut up and kiss me", and an Everly Brothers ditty.

When we weren't relaxing in the hot tub, cooking up delicious meals in the kitchen, or playing music in front of the fire, we were out hiking and taking in the gorgeous views.  A friendly husky (who apparently belongs to someone in or near the park) followed us around all day.


I did a little exploring on my own one afternoon while Dacey was engrossed in a football game.  I came across a cool mural in the little town of Haysi.

And then there was this informative sign about the Crooked Road.  Unfortunately, the radio station did not come in.  Not even static.

On our last morning, on our way out of the park, we took this selfie overlooking "The Towers".  

And then it was time to go home.  Even long weekends are never long enough.