Carytown Cupcakes, 3/29/15

This was the last Sunday of my two-month-long, every-other-Sunday "residency" at Carytown Cupcakes.  What a treat to have my friend Ricky and his brother Jimmy show up!  Of course I had to sing, "Ricky got the quarters for the table and broke..." (Slaid Cleaves, "Horseshoe Lounge").

At the end, as I was packing up, a couple came in with a little boy.  They asked if I could do one more song, and I said I could do one unplugged.  So I played The Decemberists' "Down by the Water".  And then I sang, a capella, both "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "I'm a Little Teapot".  Based on the applause, I'd say those were the biggest hits of the day.