Center of the Universe Brewery (Ashland, VA; Nov. 27)


Originally scheduled for the weekend before, we had our show at COTU rescheduled for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  We weren't sure what to expect, but we had a fun crowd, including Jeff Williams (mandolinist for The Atkinsons), his lovely wife Mary Beth, and a contingent of their friends from Beaverdam.  I enjoyed meeting and talking with "Autumn the Beaverdamsel" although truthfully, I have the feeling I probably met her before.  Our friends Doug and Nancy also showed up later in the evening.  

Last time we played at COTU it was on the outside stage.  Now that it's colder they had us in the tasting room, so it was more intimate and conducive to chatting with people in the audience between songs.

And, like seemingly everyone else there that night, we made sure to take home a growler.