Church Hill Irish Festival 2014

I had to look back through the archives to figure out how many times we've played at the Church Hill Irish Festival.  I determined that Haze & The Transients played there for the first time in 2008.  We've played there every year since, so this was our 7th year!  That kinda blows my mind.  At the 2010 festival, we hired a photographer to take a bunch of pictures, so we have a whole photo album from that year.  That was before Dacey's time, when Rick was still on bass and Rod was sitting in on drums.

The full band is no longer regularly active, so this year we were booked as the Haze & Dacey duo for the first time.  However, I did want to keep up the Irish tradition with good friends, so we got Chris and Jolie to join us for the second half of the set, playing as Haze & The Transients.  I hope we keep doing this every year!  Always a good time.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of the bands that got to play on Saturday, when it was sunny and 70 degrees.  Sunday, in stark contrast, was rainy and cold and generally uninviting for outdoor activity.  We played the very last slot of the day on the acoustic stage.  By that time, many vendors had already shut down, one of the beer trucks was closed, and there were only about eight people milling around near our stage.  After Jolie and Chris joined us on the stage, that number was down to six.  But we played our asses off for the people who stuck it out in the icy drizzle, and it was gratifying to see people enjoying our music -- at least I think they were, based on the head-bobbing and the fact that one guy wanted to buy our non-existent CD.