Crossroads (Richmond, VA)

This is the show where I lost my voice.

I had just come back from visiting my family in Austria a few days before.  I picked up a cold over there, probably from my mother, and it had plenty of time and stale air to incubate on the flight over.  By Thursday, when I hosted the monthly Naked Songs show, I was not feeling well, and by the night of the Crossroads show I was definitely sick.  Thankfully we had an opening act, JR Smith (from the Trailer Court Marshals), who carried half the show.

When I first started singing it seemed okay, but I could feel my voice getting weaker and phlegmier with each song.  When I launched into Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi", I knew I had made a mistake -- I could no longer hit the high notes.  To me it sounded awful.  (Dacey said I sounded okay, but I don't believe him.)  I ended up cutting the show short, at 10pm instead of 10:30, because my voice simply could not hack it any longer.