Dirty Dancing at Blue Mountain Barrel House

"I feel like we're missing something", I said, half-way to Dacey's house to pick up his bass amp, "but I can't think what it might be."  We drove on for another few minutes, then Dacey said, "Shit.  I forgot my bass stand, and microphone stand."  So back we drove to my house to retrieve those items.  Then to his house where we loaded his amp.  Now we were running quite late, and I was stressing out.

We made it to our gig with enough time to set up, barely.  So that was good.  But then we realized that we didn't have the power chord to Dacey's big stupid bass amp!  Woe!  We had to sacrifice his vocal mic to mic his bass, which meant we had to share my vocal mic.  We made do, and it was actually kind of fun singing somewhat old-timey style, cozying up to the mic together to sing the harmonies.

We love it when folks dance at our shows, and the dancing at this particular one was exceptional.  Exceptionally DIRTY.  I did not witness all that because I was facing the wrong way, so I am only reporting what Dacey saw.  But I did see one girl flash her bra.  I believe the Barrel House was the last stop on this group's beer-tasting tour, which is probably a good thing.  Any more beer and those people would have been dancing naked!

Dirty dancers taking a break between sets.  Note the useless bass amp in the background.


Still life with Blue Mountain Barrel House beer.