DuCard and Headmaster's: Two gigs, one day

Due to a booking error (we won't name names), we ended up playing two full-length, 3-hour gigs in one day.

The first was in the afternoon at DuCard Vineyards.  They think we are fun.  It says so on the sign!  

We played outside on a little stage.  The canopy sheltering us from the sun had some "issues", namely a propensity to go flapping off the frame whenever the wind kicked up.  But the vineyard staff soon got it under control with some strategically placed bungee cords.

The weather was good; the scenery pastoral; bread, cheese, and wine delicious; and the crowd enthusiastic.  We can't ask for more than that!  We had a great time.

After finishing up at DuCard, we headed straight for the Headmaster's Pub in Sperryville, just about 20 minutes down the road. We had time for a quick meal there before unpacking our gear and starting all over again.  The crowd there was pretty small, but we played our butts off anyway and got a good response.  

Later in the night, a bachelor party piled in.  They all looked at us and started pointing and making a big hubbub.  I had to ask them what was going on (did we look funny??), and one of them explained that they had been up at DuCard when we were playing earlier, and were so surprised to see us again here.  Then I recognized them!  Fun times.  At the end of night as we were packing up to leave, one of the guys from the bachelor party said to me, "You have entertained us literally all day long.  Thank you!"

And then we drove to our hotel in Culpeper and collapsed.