Edenton to RVA

I got up pretty early in the morning, and went for a walk while Dacey slept.  I had breakfast on the cottage porch and was endlessly entertained by the hummingbirds flitting around the feeder.

Later in the morning, we walked around the Cotton Mill Village in Edenton, where an old factory had been converted to condos.  They had a short public access boardwalk trail out to a creek/pond. Afterwards we had lunch in town, and wandered around the waterfront looking at the beautiful historic homes.


Did I mention this is a sleepy town?  There really is nothing much to do there other than enjoy the scenery, at least on a Sunday.  All the stores were closed and there was apparently only one place open for lunch.  I had Dacey drop me and my kayak at a stream access, and paddled around a bit while he read a book in the park.  I had to portage around the bridges, since for some reason someone had decided it was a good idea to block the underpasses so boaters can't get through.

We headed home in the late afternoon.  Everything was going smoothly until we got to a checkpoint, where a cop noticed that my inspection sticker had expired four days ago.  Damn ticket cost me almost $100.  Not a good end to the weekend!