Hiking into the new year, 2021

Yesterday, we took the first hike of 2021 at Pandapas Pond Recreation Area. There is a cluster of intersecting trails in the area, so you can customize your own loop.

Our 5.1 mile loop was comprised of the Royale and Prickly Pear trails, along with parts of the Poverty Creek, Queen Anne, and Skullcap trails. Much of the trail system was extremely muddy. Although we did not see any horses, there was plenty of evidence of their trail use; Zoe ate several mouthfuls of this evidence. Truly, the dogs were not on their best behavior on this hike. It's a good thing they are so cute!

After the hike we decided to check out the Beliveau Farm Winery. We each had a "glass" of wine (actually in plastic cups, because Covid) and enjoyed the expansive scenery. Sinkholes were evident in this karst landscape.

Today we had to clear out of the cabin by 10 am. We got breakfast sandwiches and coffee to go from a little restaurant in Radford, then went for a hike in the aptly named Wildwood Park just down the road. For a city park, it was pretty impressive; it offered both steep, rugged hiking trails and flat, paved paths.

We got a good workout there before heading homeward. We stopped in Lynchburg to walk the dogs on Percival's Island, and picked up delicious sandwiches and drinks at the White Hart Cafe before hitting the road again.