James River Brewing Co. Debut

Ya gotta love long weekends, especially when the weather cooperates.  We started off the Memorial Day weekend by driving out to Scottsville to play at the James River Brewing Company for the first time.

We set up out in their beer garden.  I loved the wooden stage which had what appeared to be part of a boat in the back.  I have to say that I enjoy playing on a real stage, with plenty of space to set up and move around.  Some venues stick the musicians into a cramped little corner, and that always kinda stresses me out since I'm rather claustrophobic.  But here it was wide open, and the little creek and wooded hill just outside the beer garden only added to my general well-being.  If I weren't playing music, I'd be very happy to just hang around sipping beer and relaxing there.

Another reason to like the beer garden is that they made a point of planting native plants, and educating the beer-drinking public about it with a sign.

Okay, so the crowd could have been bigger.  But the people there made us feel appreciated, which counts for a lot.  It's a lovely spot with good beer, and I hope the crowds pick up over the summer.