Looking back on 2019

2019 has been a great year!

We had 39 gigs in 6 states, mostly in Virginia, of course, but also in Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, and North Carolina.

In our travels, we stayed in cabins, campgrounds, motels, Airbnb rooms, real B & B rooms, and guest rooms provided by friends and family. We also bought ourselves a fabulous new tent, which has dramatically increased Dacey's tolerance of Haze's penchant for camping.

We played at 8 breweries, 7 wineries, 4 restaurants, 4 state parks, 3 public squares or commons, 2 farmers markets, a campground, a retirement community, a backyard, a gorgeous art gallery, and a partridge in a pear tree. (Okay the last one is a lie.)

We performed for complete strangers and for some of our dearest friends. We sang an a capella number at the 100th birthday celebration for Haze's cousin. We received a number of sweet gifts from fans, for which we are so thankful.

Between gigs on our northeast tour, we saw an adorable baby bear while hiking in New Jersey. And also its mom, waaaay too close!!

By invitation, we recorded a podcast at the Rutland Herald office in Vermont. Some friends helped us record an entry to NPR's Tiny Desk Concert competition, but we missed the submission deadline by about a minute due to various snafus.

Dacey finally got a new bass amp that doesn't weigh 500 pounds. Hallelujah!!

Haze wrote 8 new songs, of which we have been performing 5 regularly. In 2020, those songs will be recorded as part of a new full-length album titled "Letters from Gilead". We'll be shopping around for a studio and producer soon...

We wish you all the best of health and happiness in the new decade!