Mountains and Wine and Beer and Music

No gig today, just R & R.

We went running up on the trails of Mill Mountain.  And by "running", I mean huffing and puffing while maintaining a speed barely above a walk.  Of course we had to take a ridiculous selfie at the top.  Everyone does.

In the afternoon, we went to taste some wine at Blue Ridge Vineyard.  We ended up getting a bottle of something; I don't remember what variety but we thoroughly enjoyed it, along with the view.

Later, we swung by the Flying Mouse Brewery, played a little cornhole, drank some beer, and listened to the open mic musicians play.  In the evening we had dinner at Awful Arthur's in Roanoke (meh), and ended the night at Martin's Downtown, where our friends The Atkinsons were playing.  We gave them quite a surprise coming to see them so far out of town!