Mountfair Vineyards (Crozet, VA; Nov. 2)

mountfair posterThe trip to Mountfair Vineyards from Richmond was a little long, but totally worth it.  We could not have asked for better weather (okay, maybe slightly less wind, as the upright bass nearly got blown over).  The fall color was rich, and it was a wonderfully scenic drive once we got off I-64.  

While we were playing one set, I saw a guy in the audience who looked familiar, but I couldn't place him.  During the break, we chatted and he told me that he and his wife had seen us play a couple times out at the Blue Mountain Barrel House.  His wife actually said she recognized my voice from inside the winery, before they came out on the patio! 

At the very end of our show, another guy in the audience asked if we would do a song completely unplugged.  So we did -- we went right over to his group's table and just played as loudly as we could.  It was fun; we should do that more often!

We are in good company playing at Mountfair, sharing a poster with our friends and Naked Songs alumni, Karen Jonas and Paulo Franco.  I am bummed that I wasn't there to hear (and meet) Michael Clem, of Eddie from Ohio!  We are looking forward to playing there again in the spring.

dacey at mountfair