OBX to Edenton, NC

In the morning we packed up our stuff, then rode the rental bikes down the Beach Road to return them at the shop.  We walked 3.1 miles along the beach to get back to the motel.  It was a beautiful walk, but seemed to take forever!  I kept getting distracted by all the shorebirds.  I never get tired of watching sanderlings run in and out of the surf, legs moving so fast they are visible only as an indistinct blur under their plump bodies.  They frequently get into little tussles with each other when one successfully pulls a tasty crustacean out of the wet sand.

We got back to the motel in the nick of time.  The sky opened up with torrential rain.  We sat on a bench under an overhang to eat our picnic lunch and wait it out.

Soon enough the rain let up and we threw the last few things in the car, and took off toward Edenton, NC.  There was no particular reason to go to Edenton, other than the fact that I had found a cool place to stay through airbnb, and we like exploring new places.  On the way to Edenton we stopped in Columbia, where we stretched our legs on a boardwalk/nature trail loop.  boardwalk

When we arrived at our cottage, we spent some time in the pool (so refreshing!), and chatted with our friendly hosts for a bit. Then we drove into town for dinner.  It was back to torrential rain at that point.  We ran from the car to the restaurant huddling under jackets and newspapers, which were not very effective at keeping us dry.

Edenton is a sleepy, sleepy town.  There was nothing happening after dinner, so we just went back to the cottage.