Ocean Boulevard (Kitty Hawk, NC)

We had a light, latish breakfast with Elton and Laura at the house, then took off once more for the beach.  The weather was PERFECT and the water divine.  We had a great time jumping around in the waves as well as lounging in our beach chairs reading and sunning.

After lunch and a quick nap, it was time to go set up at Ocean Boulevard in Kitty Hawk.  We were a little concerned about the weather since we were scheduled to play on the uncovered patio and there had been some rain in the afternoon.  We lucked out; there was a minor sprinkling for a very short time during one of our sets, but not enough to shut down the show.

Once again, there was NOBODY out there when we started to set up, but the people did trickle in and we ended up with a decent crowd.  At one point, a really, REALLY drunk, semi-toothless guy got right up in our faces while we were trying to play, singing off-key, grabbing the tambourine, and requesting that I sing Alannis Morissette.  He mentioned that he had been kicked out of the joint the night before.  Shocking.  Thankfully, they kicked him out again within ten minutes.  The drunkenness of others in the crowd was at an acceptable, non-obnoxious, friendly level.  We even had some dancers!

That gig was LONG.  Four sets is a lot to play, and pretty exhausting.  But we had fun.  We stuck around after packing up to eat the meal provided by the restaurant.  We could order anything off the "small plates" menu.  But they must have a different understanding of "small plate", because it was a full meal as far as we were concerned.