On the patio at Bangkok Noi

On Wednesday, I got a call from Andrew at Bangkok Noi, wondering if we could play there Friday night.  Very short notice!  We already had plans for Friday night (the Bill Maher show at Center Stage), but I offered Saturday instead, and that worked out.


This night was also Dacey's birthday, but he didn't mind gigging on his special day.  For one thing, I had already treated him to dinner and a show the night before.  For another, why NOT play music and eat awesome Thai food on your birthday?  Music and Thai food are two of our favorite things!

When we got to the restaurant, we found out that we were going to be playing out on the patio.  In fact, we found out that we had been asked to play this gig with such short notice because they had just finished constructing the patio roof, and wanted us there to help celebrate. We were very happy about that! 

In the past we had played in a very small space against a wall inside, and were basically background music.  Out on the patio, it was a completely different vibe.  It was much more fun since we had a rapt, interactive audience right in front of us.  To my surprise, Julia, the lead singer of the Richmond band Blue Line Highway, came out with some friends.  I was suddenly a little more intimidated, because BLH is such a talented band. 

That was definitely the best gig we've had at Bangkok Noi.  I was pretty revved up afterwards.