Summer Tour 2019: One Century!

In the early part of the day, Dacey and I tooled around on our bikes. We went down to the Campgrounds, which is not actually a campground but a cluster of very small, charming "gingerbread houses" where people actually live, centered around a Tabernacle.

They often have concerts at the Tabernacle, but today it was empty except for a lone woman "practicing" on the piano up on the stage. She was amazing!! She gave us our own private classical concert. I could practice every day for the rest of my life and not approach her ability. Sigh.

Later on was the big event: my cousin Phronsie's 100th birthday party!! Yep, she turned one century old today. She's a cousin several times removed and to be honest I could not diagram the family tree to show exactly how we are related, but she is a wonderful human being who has aged in the most amazing way, and I can only hope to share some of her longevity genes. She had a huge party, and people had to line up to get a chance to talk with her individually. I knew maybe 1% of the people there. Dacey and I sang "The Parting Glass" as an a capella duet for her. The picture below is Phronsie with my cousin Sam (my Dad's first cousin). She doesn't look a day over 75, does she?? She is still sharp as a tack.