Saude Creek Vineyards Debut

We didn't even have to pack the car for this gig, because it was already packed from the show we'd played at James River Brewing Co. the night before.  Woot!  So all we had to do was hop in the car for a short drive eastward out to Saude Creek Vineyards.  And just look at this place.  It's a beauty!

The weather was perfect for playing outside, and there was a good solid crowd when we arrived.  A large table full of fun-loving people was right in front of our "stage" area.  A musician's worst nightmare is that a big table like that will pack up and leave as soon as we start playing the first song.  Thankfully, they stayed to listen and had a great time!  We got one of them to take a picture with us in the background.

We were on a roll this afternoon, so much so that we were asked by management to play an extra half hour beyond our contracted time.  We were more than happy to oblige!