Songwriters in the Round on WRIR 97.3

My friend and fellow songwriter Paulo Franco got several of us together to perform live on the air at our local indie radio station, WRIR, during their fund-drive.  It was a 2-hour show, running from 11 pm till 1 am.  I will say that on a Monday night, that is definitely past my bedtime!  But it was a lot of fun and totally worth it.  

The event page that was posted on Facebook gives some information about the show and lists all the performers.  There were seven of us singer/songwriters, and we took turns playing two original songs plus one cover each.  I also got to sing the harmony part on Paulo's cover, "Horseshoe Lounge" by Slaid Cleaves.

You can still hear the whole show because they have it posted here:  You just need to scroll down to find the right one:  The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit w/ The Haberdasher, Monday, Mar. 24 @ 11:00 pm.  (The various shows are in chronological order, starting with the most recent).  In the recording, the show from that night doesn't actually start till about 8 minutes in, so you can skip through all that.

Dhoc, Elana Lisa, and Haze hanging out before the show


Host Scott Ilnicky (left) with the whole gang:  Elana Lisa, Haze, Dhoc, Preston Duncan, Russel Lacy, Paulo Franco, and Paul Pearce