Summer Tour 2015: Concord to Oak Bluffs to Boston to Sandwich MA

Since Dad had bought tickets for a Red Sox game at Fenway for tonight, and we had a gig scheduled on Martha’s Vineyard on Friday, the original plan was to stay up in the Boston area until Thursday morning, then head to the Vineyard.

But when we went online to reserve a space on the car ferry two weeks ago, EVERY LAST SPACE was filled for both Thursday and Friday. We can't play the scheduled gig unless we get the car full of gear across on that ferry. So here’s what we ended up doing today:

  • Got up at the ass-crack of dawn
  • Drove from Concord to the Woods Hole ferry terminal and got the car on the 9:30 am boat to Martha’s Vineyard (~ 2 hours; barely made it in time)
  • Ferried to the Vineyard (~45 minutes)
  • Drove from the Oak Bluffs ferry terminal to my Uncle Sam’s house and parked the car (~5 minutes)
  • Spent a bit of leisure time with Sam
  • Got a ride back to the Oak Bluffs terminal (~5 minutes) to catch the 1:15 boat
  • Took the ferry back across to Woods Hole without the car (~45 minutes)
  • Got picked up by an Enterprise agent, and rented a car (~30 minutes)
  • Drove the rental car to the Braintree subway station (~ 1.5 hours)
  • Parked the car and took the subway into Boston (~ 1 hour)
  • Went to the Red Sox game at Fenway
  • Rode the subway back to Braintree (~ 1 hour)
  • Searched for the rental car in the parking deck (~15 minutes)
  • Drove to a motel in Sandwich (~ 45 minutes) to spend the night.

When informed of our itinerary, Uncle Sam declared it nuts and suggested that we should just "fuck that gig".  Don't think we weren't tempted!  But we honor our commitments unless it's impossible to do so.  Should I mention that it cost more to get the car across on the ferry than we were going to be paid for our performance? Probably not.  Lesson learned: reserve the car ferry farther in advance next time (and ask for more money)! 

So yeah, a lot of the day was spent in transit, but we took it in stride. It was an excellent day for a couple of ferry rides.

Dad and my sister Elizabeth came down from Maine to meet us at Fenway. The Red Sox won!

There’s no good pic of us with Elizabeth, but here’s one of me and Dad:

After the game, Elizabeth had to head back to Maine because she had to work early the next day. Dad came south with us. Dad and Dacey had a snore-fest while I drove to the Sandwich Lodge and Resort. Fair enough; Dacey usually does most of the driving and I've done my share of snoozing.  We got to the hotel around 1 am, checked in, and crashed out.  For the record, the hotel sounds fancier than it actually is, but it was adequate for our needs.

Today's Travels:  ~256 miles, give or take.