Summer Tour 2015: Martha's Vineyard MA

After a morning run that took longer than planned due to some... navigational challenges, Dacey and I cleared some gear out of the car to make room for my Dad, so that the three of us could tour the Vineyard.

First, we hit Edgartown.  Here we are with Chappaquiddick Island behind us:

We popped into a few of the many, many shops, and in one of them I bought myself a pair of flip-flops.  I have always hated flip-flops.  The thong between the toes is too annoying.  The footbed is never comfortable.  I don't like that smacking sound they make when you walk.  But here, I found a pair I love.  Comfort and crabby cuteness!

In West Tisbury, we stopped briefly to look at the outdoor sculptures at the Field Gallery.

We spent a fair bit of time in the little fishing village of Menemsha: eating fried clams, exploring a few shops, taking in the scenery, and watching a little girl and her family catch squid.  Squid eyes are far too humanoid for my personal comfort.

Then we motored on to Gay Head Cliffs (= Aquinnah Cliffs).  In the past, people would remove clay from the cliffs to use for pottery, mud masks, etc.  The cliffs are now protected and the vistas are spectacular.

We could easily have spent more time exploring the island, but we had to get back to town to pretty up and set up for our evening show at The Ritz.

We don't do very many bar gigs, and I had no idea what to expect here.  As we were setting up, a couple of bar patrons were singing along enthusiastically with U2 on the jukebox.  I was concerned that they were not going to be pleased when the jukebox was silenced to make way for this unknown duo playing unknown songs.  

I needn't have worried.  The folks at this bar were so welcoming to us. They were there to have a good time, and they had a knack for making us feel that we were providing it with our music.  One of the U2-sing-along guys actually knew all the words to our first two songs (Can't Let Go; Down by the Water) and sang along just as enthusiastically as before.

We had a good crowd all night.  Dad, Uncle Sam, and their posse were there too, which made it extra fun for us.  

Sam got right up close with his camera and captured some great shots while we played.

A fun, memorable night.  Can't wait to play there again next year!

Today's travels:  ~ 52 miles