Summer Tour 2015: New Paltz

This morning it was my turn to be the fitness coach, and force Dacey to run.  We went almost 3 miles on the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, which was nice and shady.

We got breakfast right nearby at the Mudd Puddle Cafe.  The egg sandwiches were very slow to arrive, but well worth the wait.  Delish. 

Later we went over to Woodland Pond, the retirement community where Dacey's parents live.  We visited a bit with his mom and dad, then set up our gear in the "Great Room" for an afternoon concert we put on for the residents in the assisted living section.  This is an incredibly rewarding show for us.  I was watching the audience a lot while we played, and could tell that many people were having a great time.  One guy was chair-dancing throughout.  Another person enthusiastically yelled "Yeah!" after almost every song, but I never managed to pick out which person it was.  Several people came up to us afterwards and told us how much they liked our music, and how some of it (e.g., Everly Brothers tunes) brought them back to "their time".

My old friend Kathy's parents live in the same retirement community, and she came up from Connecticut to see our show.  She and I met many years ago when we were in the alto section of the Camerata Chorale together in Poughkeepsie.  I was fresh out of college back then.  Time flies.  Anyway, we went out for drinks so we could catch up a bit, and laughed uproariously while trying to take a decent selfie.

We had dinner with Dacey's family, and hung out over at his sister's place for awhile after that.  We suck for not taking a single picture of the family.

Today's travels:  0 miles (except for tooling around New Paltz).