Summer Tour 2015: Staunton VA to Pleasantville PA

Dacey forced me to go running in the morning.  We did two rounds of the loop at Gypsy Hill Park.  I was not loving the run, but am glad he made me do it because I needed the exercise.

After the run, in search of breakfast, we went across the parking lot from the motel to this little gem of a place called, simply, "The Store".  We got scrambled eggs that were incredibly bright yellow, indicating that they came from happy free-range hens eating lots of bugs.  Yum!

Next door to The Store was a little artsy type of shop, and we went in to check it out.  Immediately, I heard the chirpings of a parakeet.  I love parakeets, and I rarely pass up the opportunity to interact with birds in general.   This one was in an open cage, so I asked the store owner if I could pet her bird.  She said he doesn't really take to strangers, but I could try.  Well, I am the bird whisperer, and I got me some bird smooches.

Dacey bought a small piece of artwork (this is fairly shocking, as he generally eshews art museums), then we went for a much-needed dip in the pool.

After that we hit the road.  We stopped at Cristina's Cafe in Strasburg for lunch, where we enjoyed sitting amongst the flowers and I had the most delicious black bean sandwich ever.  

We got back in the car, and I launched into Willie Nelson's "On the road again".  But unfortunately I only actually know one line, so the song ended as abruptly as it started.

We drove through Virginia.  We drove through pieces of West Virginia and Maryland.  Then we settled into driving through Pennsylvania for awhile.  This is what it looked like:

 Finally, we arrived at our hotel.

 We had just a little bit of time to freshen up and change, then we headed on down the road a few miles, through a multitude of corn rows, wondering how there could possibly be a "Martini Lounge" anywhere in the vicinity.  But there was.

 We do not love the stairs at the Martini Lounge.

 Between the steep stairs and the small space allotted to bands, we decided that we needed neither (a) Dacey's 500-pound bass amp nor (b) my piano.  We made do by mic'ing the bass and playing only no-piano songs.

The acoustics in the place were challenging, to say the least, but we had a great time anyway.  Fun crowd.  While I was outside during our second break, tuning my guitar, one of the girls out on a smoke break asked if I'd play "Big Yellow Taxi" again.  I said that we don't usually repeat songs, but if she called out for an encore at the end of our set, we'd do it again.  Sure enough, we got the call for an encore, and had a little sing-a-long, with the girl and her friends doing the "shoo bop bop" part.

 Today's travels:  ~278 miles.