Summer Tour 2016: A day off in New Paltz

After 4 shows in 4 days, this was our day off from performing.  John and I did a morning run along the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail.  At 11, we met up with my godparents, Diane and Peter, who live about an hour away.  We browsed around in Rock & Snow and had a long lunch at a Turkish place, Anatolia's, and popped into some shops at the Water Street Market, including a pet store where I found a most excellent bone that Dacey refused to buy for his poor doggie.  Then we went and visited with Jack for a bit.

After Diane & Peter headed back homeward in the late afternoon, I went back to the Marketplace for a bit to check out an antique store, while John chilled out at the motel.  We met up with Jack and Kim and her husband Joe for dinner at Garvan's.

After dinner, John and I went back to Kim's house and spent an evening looking through old pictures retrieved from their late Aunt Ollie's house.  Some of these were so cool!  John and Kim had a good time reminiscing, and I enjoyed hearing the stories too.