Summer Tour 2016: Biking and Camping at Acadia National Park

We got a slow start to the morning, on account of the late night at the Thirsty Whale. (I LOVE that name, by the way.) I ate breakfast on my own while Dacey snored into mid-morning; I got his breakfast wrapped up for him to eat later.

We checked out of the B & B at 11, and checked in at the Blackwoods Campground in Acadia National Park, about 5 miles or so down the road. Good thing we had made a reservation, because there was not one single campsite left!

We went back into Bar Harbor where we ate a picnic lunch at Agamont Park on the waterfront.

Then we took off on our bike expedition! From the bike rental place, we headed up a steep hill towards the carriage road. That was the most challenging part. We road the Eagle Lake loop, which was an excellent experience all around. Some highlights for our viewing pleasure: huge beaver lodges, a cute turtle in the road, and closeup views of a black-throated green warbler and a common yellowthroat.

After returning our bikes, we set up camp, then went back into town for dinner. We ate at an Irish pub on the waterfront. Then we wandered into a few shops. A crab hat on Dacey made me laugh. We should have bought it.