Summer Tour 2016: Concord, MA to Martha's Vineyard

We hung out with Kim for breakfast. After an insufficient amount of digestion time, Dacey and I went trail running at Hapgood Wright Forest. Later on we picked up sandwiches for lunch at Sally Ann Food Shop (‘cause when you need food, you go to a food shop), before heading to Woods Hole to catch the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. Dad and my sister Elizabeth were on the same boat.

We got to the condo Dad had rented to find that you have to order sheets extra. What? So we had to drive over to the realty office and pick up sheets. Dad, in that special way Dad has, managed to have a long extended convo with the realty guy while I silently screamed inside my own head. FINALLY we went to dinner in Edgartown.

On a whim, I wrote and sent a press release email to the Martha’s Vineyard radio station, hoping they might be willing to play our music leading up to our shows.