Summer Tour 2016: Meredith, NH

I woke up pretty early, made another little fire for warmth, and cooked a breakfast of potatoes, sausage, and scrambled eggs on the Coleman stove.  Plus coffee, of course!  We enjoyed the antics of the resident chipmunks, whose hidey-hole was right next to our woodpile.  Loud baby sapsuckers were being fed nearby.  I got a great look at a yellow warbler, and a family of white-breasted nuthatches.  Several red squirrels were running around.

Dacey got on Google and found us a great day hike at the Red Hill Conservation Area.  We went up to the top of a fire tower, where we had a fantastic 360-degree view of lakes and wooded hills.  

We got good closeup views of ovenbirds and black-and-white warblers along the way.  We heard, but never saw, black-throated green warblers.  The hike took us about 3 hours, and gave us a good workout.

We had lunch at the Town Docks in Meredith.  The weather was good for sitting outside, and we were amused by the tame ducks that wandered around and under the tables, nibbling on scraps.  

After that we swung by the Holy Grail of the Lakes in Laconia, to make sure they were expecting us that night.  They were NOT.  They had discontinued having live music on Thursdays, but noone had let us know.  (Yeah, should have confirmed...)  The guy would have let us play, or at least served us a free dinner, but we declined.  We were both kinda glad not to play that night, although annoyed by the circumstance.

We decided to go to Ellacoya State Park to swim, but when we got there we found out that the beach area was closed due to bacteria.  Boo!  We went back to Twin Docks for some drinks (Dacey) and ice cream (me), and to hear a couple older dudes play some live music.  We picked up some groceries on the way back to the campground, and made black bean tacos on the Coleman.  Yum!  We slept MUCH better on the new mattress we bought earlier in the day.