Summer Tour 2016: Meredith, NH to Bar Harbor, ME

I awoke at first light to the sound of our campsite trashcan clanking. I stumbled out of the tent to see movement of some animal (raccoon?) into the adjacent wetland. The trash can was knocked over and dragged toward the wetland a bit, but the lid stayed on, thankfully! For breakfast we had raspberry pancakes cooked over the Coleman stove.

After breakfast, we broke down camp and drove about five hours to Bar Harbor.  We arrived in the late afternoon, and checked into Aysgarth Station B & B. After showers, we went out for a lobster dinner at the Finback Ale House. Yum!

We started loading into the Thirsty Whale around 9:30. There was a table with three adults and one little kid who really liked our music, but after they left (kid's bedtime), the first set was dead. It seemed liked the rest of the night would be "just a job". But then we started the second set with Patty Griffin's "Change" and got good crowd response. We enjoyed interacting with the folks at the table right in front of us. Toward the end of the night, one guy played a few songs with Dacey; I was happy to take a break!