Summer Tour 2016: New Paltz NY to Amherst MA to Meredith NH

We went to Woodland Pond in the morning so John could say goodbye to his mom. She is in the late stages of Alzheimer's, and it is absolutely heartbreaking. That's all I can say. I hope one day they can find the cure for this horrible disease.

We then went to say goodbye to Jack, before grabbing some Dunkin' Donuts and heading for New Hampshire. We stopped in Amherst, MA for lunch with my (much younger) sister Elizabeth. Anne, an old friend of mine from high school, was able to join us briefly after lunch. In the picture below, that's Elizabeth on the right and Anne on the left. Great to see them both even though the time was so short!

Before leaving Amherst, we stopped in at Dick's to pick up a pump for the air mattress. We didn't buy a new mattress at that time because we were hoping that maybe the leak was slow enough not to matter too much if the mattress was fully inflated. That was a stupid decision.

We arrived in Laconia, NH in the early evening, picked up some groceries, then checked into the Clearwater Campground in Meredith. As far as I could see, we were the only ones camping in a tent; everyone else had an RV of some sort. But it's a very nice, heavily wooded campground, with some sites specifically reserved for tents. We picked a site on the edge of a wetland. I heard a veery singing off in the distance at dusk as I was setting up the tent.

We prepared a simple dinner of corn, sausage, and garlic naan on the Coleman stove, and got a nice fire going for ambience and warmth. Night-time temperatures were chilly; if I had brought a warm hat along I would have actually worn it!

We slept on the air mattress which seemed to be deflating even faster than the last time we slept on it. I woke in the night at least twice, hip sore against the cold, hard ground, and pumped up the mattress again. This is significantly more difficult to do while your partner is half-asleep on top of it.