Summer Tour 2016: Port Hunter (Edgartown, MA) and our first radio play!

Dad and I went over to the MVY radio station, bright and early, to drop off a Haze & Dacey CD before breakfast. After breakfast, Dacey and I rented bikes and took the world's shortest ferry ride (I think) over to Chappaquiddick Island.


While on the island we checked out Mytoi Japanese Gardens.


We got a late lunch at ATF, back in the heart of Edgartown, then rode down to South Beach to sun ourselves for a little while before turning in our bikes and going back to the condo to chill.

At some point I got an email from PJ at MVY letting me know that one of the DJs had played our song "Sweeter than a Margarita". Awesome! Our first radio play!

We went to the Port Hunter around 8 to set up and have dinner. The food was great. The acoustics were challenging. The family came for a bit of the show but left early because it was too loud for them! We played the entire 2+ hour show with no break. My voice was shot early on because I had to shout into the mic, because I had set the gain really low to avoid feedback in that room. So it was not our best performance. Yet people were up dancing the ENTIRE time. So it was fun!