Summer Tour 2016: Richmond/Crozet/Winchester VA

In the early afternoon, we went to Hertz to pick up our rental minivan.  My Honda Fit has done great work for us for several years now, but for a longer trip, we were done with the sardine-can.  Tired of no leg room, tired of not being able to see out the back window, and tired of having to solve a jigsaw puzzle after every show.  This thing ain't sexy, and it certainly does not scream "Rock Stars!", but it sure can haul a bunch of gear!

So off we went in the soccer-mom-wagon, to our first gig of the tour:  Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery in Crozet, VA.  

When we arrived, Brian was on the stage setting up microphones for us, and he got us dialed in to the house sound system, which sounded great.  Brian and everyone else on staff was so friendly, going out of their way to make us feel welcome and appreciated.  

It was a beautiful evening, and unfortunately for us, most people were sitting outside.  We would have been, too!  But our music was piped out there, and a few people came up and told us how much they enjoyed hearing us, even though we hadn't seen them while we were playing.  

After the show, we drove on to Winchester, where we holed up at a Travelodge for the night.