Summer Tour 2016: Williamsport PA to New Paltz NY

We had to leave Williamsport by 9 am to get to New Paltz in time for our afternoon concert in New Paltz.  We grabbed breakfast sandwiches and coffee to go from a local coffee shop, and hit the road.

Once we arrived in New Paltz, we had just enough time to set up, shower, and chill out in our motel room for a bit before playing. This is our third year playing for the residents of Woodland Pond, where Dacey's parents live, so at this point I think we can call it a tradition. The old folks love us! I saw a number of the ladies singing along to some of the songs, which is always gratifying. Some swayed or clapped along in time, even if they were songs they didn't know. Several people came up to us at the end of our hour-long concert, to thank us for playing and to say how much they enjoyed our performance. But John's father, Jack, was disappointed that I hadn't brought the piano, in particular because he wanted us to play this one Wiyos song with a mouth-trumpet solo. Jack loves the mouth-trumpet! Next year I guess I need to bring up the piano, or play the one in the room despite the fact that it really needs good tune-up.

After we had finished packing up, we went to Jack's room to socialize a bit with a glass of "wine". And by "wine", I mean Manshevitz concord grape. Oy. While I was there, I took a picture of my favorite picture on Jack's mantel, one of him and his wife (John's mom) Jean, circa 1956.

Later we met up with John's sister, Kim, and her family for dinner at P & G's.  This also has become a tradition; it seems we eat there every year.  After dinner John and I went for a little walk down to the river, and watched the sunset.  Then John went over to Kim's to hang out some more, while I crashed in our room.  I was beat.