Summer Tour 2017: Acadia National Park, ME

We had a leisurely breakfast cooked over the campfire. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to pack the espresso pot, so we had to drink percolator coffee (yuck). The eggs and toast were good, though. 

We packed our lunches and stuff, then walked over to the bus stop at the campground entrance to catch the Island Explorer, the free shuttle that takes visitors to various trailheads and points of interest throughout Acadia National Park. It's funded in large part by L.L. Bean. I love companies that do good things with their profits! But I digress...

We stood near the stop and watched one bus blow by, and were concerned that we'd missed it or misread the schedule or something. But then another bus pulled in, and took us into Bar Harbor. There, we rented bikes at Acadia Bikes, then caught the Bike Express to Eagle Lake to ride the carriage roads. We rode out to Jordan Pond House, enjoying magnificent views along the way.

Dacey rode at a more leisurely pace than I, but that worked out because that gave me time to stop and bird in between spurts of biking. At Jordan Pond we saw some kind of large salamander (??) in the water. Also, a big bullfrog. We got off the carriage roads for a bit and biked on the Jordan Stream loop trail, then had to hustle along the opposite side of Jordan Pond/Eagle Lake to get back to the bus stop. We missed the 4:30, and caught the 4:45 bus with a few minutes to spare, barely enough time to get the bikes back to the shop.

Back in town, we had beer and cod bites at Bar Harbor Beer Works, and soaked in the sun. I left Dacey to have a second beer while I went to Cadillac Mountain Sports to check out hammocks and other outdoor gear. Dacey met me over there and we walked to the grocery store to get dinner supplies, which we brought back to camp on the bus. It was divine to have a completely car-free and gig-free day. We spent the evening stoking the campfire, dining on double-cheeseburgers and corn cooked on the grate. Yum!

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