Summer Tour 2017: Father's Day in New Paltz, NY

We started off the morning with Father's Day brunch at the College Diner. Jack Dacey is 90 years old and still the boss of the table!

John and I had to cut out a little early so we could get to our gig at Baldwin Vineyards in time. Here's a sampling of the scenery from the road, with the Shawangunk Mountains (aka the 'Gunks') in the distance. 

At the vineyard, we set up and played right in the tasting room. Because of that, we felt we had to play/sing in a very restrained manner, so the customers could hear what was being said about the different wines they were tasting. Dacey's sisters, Kim and Carol, and cousin Linda, all came out to hear us.

Joe (Kim's husband) and Chris (Carol's fiance) were there too, but didn't make it into the picture.

After the show, the others went back into town, but Dacey and I went for a drink at Robibero Vineyards, just about 20 minute away from Baldwin. We just missed hearing another duo play there. Dacey chatted a bit with the musicians, and also with the owner, while I called my Dad to wish him a happy Father's Day.

We met up with the rest of the gang for dinner at Lombardi's Italian restaurant, where we promptly spent all the money we had earned that day.