Summer Tour 2017: Kickoff at the Main Street Pub

An exciting day: the beginning of our Excellent Adventure tour, with twelve shows lined up in five states!

We had to drive out to the airport to pick up our soccer-mom minivan for the trip. A Dodge Grand Caravan. No rock-star cred whatsoever, but it gets the job done. Here's Dacey in front of my house, proud of his packing job:

(Of course we had to reorganize everything later when we realized things we needed NOW were behind the things we don't need for several days.)

By the time we had everything packed and were ready to go, it was a little after 5 pm. We still got up to the Main Street Pub in Clifton, VA with plenty of time for dinner out on their patio before the show. From the street, the first sign you see is for the Clifton General Store; you have to walk through the store to get to the pub.

Unfortunately the crowd inside was pretty sparse. The weather was beautiful and it was hot inside and everyone wanted to be on the patio, including us. Still, we had a few people there to appreciate the music, including our friend Kim W., who also took some pictures of us.

After the show was over, we packed up and headed over to Kim's, about 20 minutes away, where we were very happy to lay down our heads after a long day and a late night! We were greeted by Kim's new dogs, one of which enthusiastically stole my heart.