Summer Tour 2017: Winchester, VA to New Paltz, NY

We enjoyed a delicious home-cooked breakfast out in Iara's and Eric's garden, looked at all their plants (emphasis on natives), and played with the dogs who appear to have boundless energy.

I peeked in on the mailbox bird nest, and am pretty sure it's a Carolina Wren.

They are notorious for building in crazy places. Eric told us he had pulled out debris multiple times before they realized a bird was actively building a nest in there. That is a persistent bird!!

We had a looong drive between Winchester, Virginia and New Paltz, New York. We covered about 340 miles. We checked into our Airbnb suite, just minutes from downtown New Paltz, which was sweet! It's a charming 3rd floor apartment with private bathroom and a little kitchenette. The picture below shows two twin beds, but the hosts had converted it into a king for us.

We really needed some exercise after all that driving, so we went for a run/walk on the rail trail which is just minutes from the Airbnb house. Unfortunately, we missed the birthday dinner for Joe, Dacey's brother-in-law, but we joined the group over at Kim and Joe's house for cake, drinks, and socializing.

(There is an overload of Kims on this trip, so try to keep them straight. There was Kim W., my friend from UGA, up in Springfield. In New Paltz, we have Kim L., Dacey's sister. There will be another Kim, Kim P., my friend from NC State, coming up in Massachusetts. I also had an Uncle Kim, who passed several years ago but whose name often comes up when I'm with my Dad's side of the family.)