Summer Tour 2017: Woodland Pond in New Paltz, NY

After a very light breakfast of biscuits and coffee in our room, we met up with Carol (Dacey's sister) and Chris (her fiance) at 10 am in front of the Bicycle Depot. We wanted to rent bikes for an hour, but they only rent by the day (at $40 a pop), so we said "No thank you" and went for a brisk fitness walk instead, along the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail. If we had planned just a little bit in advance, we could have had hourly rentals from Happy Trails. They are by appointment only on weekdays, but very responsive by phone and text. Keeping this in mind for future reference!

Dacey and I had a quick lunch of last night's leftovers, back at our room, then headed over to Woodland Pond, the continuing care retirement community in which Dacey's Dad lives. We were able to spend a little time with his Dad before it was time to set up for our afternoon show for the Woodland Pond residents.

A massive thunderstorm rolled in while we were playing, and the lights and PA flickered off for a fraction of a minute in the middle of a song. We thought we might have to play unplugged, but luckily the power came back right away and didn't go out again. We played a single set of about 50 minutes, which seems to be just about right for this group. Toward the end of our set, we sang "I'll fly away", which we had sung in that same room for Dacey's Mom's memorial service, back in January. Hard not to get a little choked up on that one.

This was our fourth summer playing at Woodland Pond, and it is the one live performance that makes Dacey a bit jittery, because his Dad is there watching. By extension, I get nervous too. But why? They love us there, and his Dad went on and on afterwards about how much he and all his friends enjoyed our music.

We had dinner with Carol, Chris, Joe, and Kim at P & G's. We ALWAYS eat at P & G's when we go to New Paltz. It appears to be a rule that shall not be broken. They do have pretty good food and they do not skimp on portions. I thought I'd save some calories and just have a few wings for dinner, but they brought me an enormous pile of them.

When we left the restaurant there was one of the best rainbows I've ever seen: a huge arc across the sky with no fading on either end.

We went back to Kim and Joe's and watched a movie (The Jerk) and also the real-life drama of goldfish being swallowed whole by Joe's large predatory fish. You feel bad for the goldfish, but at the same time it's fascinating to watch. They don't suffer long - a few seconds of abject terror, then they go down in one gulp.

We said our goodbyes that night since we would be leaving for Vermont in the morning.