Summer Tour 2018: BCA Concert and Turtle Island Cafe

We packed up camp and got breakfast to go in Waterbury, arriving in Burlington around 11 am for sound check, with the Burlington City Arts concert starting at noon. The sound guys did a fantastic job, making our own job so much easier. We only played for an hour, and we filled about half of that with original music. There was a good crowd and we sold quite a few CDs after the show. The entire performance was recorded by the BCA folks, and the video below was extracted from that original footage.

Afterwards, we walked through a pedestrian street, where there was a piano available for anyone to play. One guy was playing (very well!) along with some other guys accompanying him. We got lunch at a sandwich shop where we could sit outside and listen. And then it was time to drive on to catch a car ferry across Lake Champlain.

Burlington collage

The ferry deposited us in Essex, NY. After three nights of camping, we splurged on a nice room at the Inn in Westport. We checked in and unwound a bit, then drove north to the Turtle Island Cafe for gig #2. It was a very small place, there was no one there when we arrived, and the owner emphasized that we needed to keep the volume low. We were skeptical of how good a gig this could be, but it far, far exceeded expectations. People started trickling in, and they listened to our music with rapt attention. It was such an intimate setting, and felt like a house concert. We loved it!

Turtle Island collage

What a fantastic day all around! A solid contender for "best day of the tour."